A student’s shadowing experience at the McGill Academic Eye Clinic

We’re happy to share an article written by second-year medical student Lauren Khoury, who shadowed the team at the McGill Academic Eye Clinic (MAEC) of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC). The MAEC treats a wide range of eye conditions, offering neuro-ophthalmology services, oculoplastic, ocular oncology, and comprehensive ophthalmology services.    

Dr. Christian El-Hadad worked closely with Lauren and was moved by her article: 

“Witnessing students like Lauren immerse themselves in clinical experiences at MAEC is rewarding. The enthusiasm and passion of the next generation of medical students, exemplified by individuals like Lauren, are truly inspiring. Their eagerness to learn, adapt, and engage in diverse clinical experiences bring fresh perspectives to the field. I am excited about their potential to drive innovation, embrace cultural sensitivity, and contribute to advancing patient care. They represent the future of medicine, and their dedication to making a positive impact on healthcare is both motivating and promising.” 

Click here to read Lauren’s piece, published by The Canadian Ophthalmology Student Interest Group (COSIG).