Pediatrician Day!

Thank you Dr. Patel, and all your colleagues, for all the great work you do. Join us in celebrating Pediatrician Day on November 20!

Dr. Patel
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Q 1. What led you to become a pediatrician?

Let's face it—children are more interesting, more fun and (generally) smell much better than adults! In all seriousness, it is the opportunity to walk with astonishingly resilient children and their families that drew me to this field. Many decades later, I have no regrets!

Q 2. What is the best advice that someone at the MUHC ever gave you?

I have appreciated the camaraderie and mentorship of both my Division of General Pediatrics and the Department of Pediatrics. Mike Shevell, in particular, has been a frequent source of wisdom when making difficult decisions.

Among many nuggets of wisdom, he inspired me to focus on the strengths of our team—to shine a light on their innovation and success. We created a Divisional Innovation Fund, dedicated to special projects that improve the safety and care of our patients. Each month, we celebrate at least one award winning member of our Division (I write a lot of nominations!). I am proud to lead such an amazing team.

Q 3. Tell us about your collaboration with others. (Have fellow colleagues or support staff been helpful in your journey?)

At the Montreal Children's Hospital, we succeed through our collaboration! I have been so fortunate to work with many excellent teams, including the Complex Care Service, Medical Day Hospital, Inpatient Wards, Newborn Nursery, PreOp Clinic, ICCAN....I am grateful to work in a place where colleagues are helpful, even on their most tired days.

Nowadays, the children we care for have much more complex conditions and it takes true partnership to deliver high quality care. It is not always easy, but I know that everyone, from hospital administration to our housekeeping staff, wants the same thing: the safest, best care for kids.

Q 4. How do you like to relax and unwind after a shift?

My walk home is about 2.5 km. I started walking during the pandemic and now, it is one of my favourite parts of the day. I so enjoy seeing the seasons change, listening to music or podcasts, and breathing in the fresh air after a day indoors. I used to be a fair-weather walker (driving on rainy days) but my son told me to commit to the walk—so now, it's a good habit! I also use this time to make calls to family and friends (thanks to my daughter for this great idea!) so the journey home lets me relax and recharge.