Cardiology Unit gets a makeover at the Montreal General Hospital

The construction of a brand new cardiology unit on the 5th floor of the Montreal General Hospital began in June 2020 and when completed, it will better meet the needs of adult patients with heart problems.

“The purpose of the new space is to centralize many of the services," explains Isabelle Dubé, Head of Adult Cardiovascular and Nuclear Medicine Services at the MUHC. “Currently, some cardiac exams are done on the 17th floor while others are taking place on the 5th floor, a situation that needs to be improved. Beginning in early 2021, non-invasive cardiology diagnostic activities will be consolidated on the 5th. The waiting rooms will also be redesigned, with a dedicated area integrating the existing skylight, which will bring a nice brightness to the space".

Unoccupied since the departure of Oncology activities to the Glen site in 2015, a portion of 5th floor has been converted into a construction site. Pierre-Étienne Fortier, Planning, Programming and Research Officer at the MUHC, is coordinating the work. "It was an empty space; we took the opportunity to make improvements to the premises and update construction standards. Once the work is completed, it will house the new cardiac genetics clinic, new examination and procedure rooms, new equipment and new lighting," he explains.

The primary goal of this rejuvenation is to take good care of our patients, but overall everyone - employees, physicians, residents - will benefit. The official opening of the new unit is scheduled for early 2021.

This project received financial support from the Montreal General Hospital Foundation.