Interior Design at the Glen: where beauty meets function

Room Adult
Cancer Centre
Room Children

Even hospitals can be beautiful places. Gone are the mustard yellows and dreary greens that seem to make you feel even sicker than you already are. Hospital design today favours natural light, soothing colours and comfortable, private spaces.

From floors and paint colours to headwalls and privacy curtains, each pavilion will have its own identity and expression. “We have a diverse clientele; the Montreal Children’s Hospital, for instance, looks different from the Royal Victoria Hospital, where we are creating a design tailored to adults,” explains Ms. Franco.The New MUHC’s Glen site is an example of these updated design principles. “The objectives of the interior design plan are to create spaces that favour efficiency and facilitate the work of our healthcare professionals, while also producing an environment that encourages healing and makes our patients feel welcome and comfortable,” says Imma Franco, Associate Director, Programs and Services Planning.

“A beautiful environment helps enormously in the healing process of our patients. The design at the Glen site, thanks to our team of interior designers and planners and input from our clinical advisors and users, will reflect our community and our primary mission of providing excellent healthcare,” she says.

Note: All renderings are works in progress and do not represent final designs.


An elder-friendly design

The Glen site is an elder-friendly hospital. To ensure the safest of environments for this segment of our clientele, our interior design team followed a set of guidelines and incorporated specific design elements that will make a visit to the hospital safe.

The Glen is universally accessible

  • Grab bars will be installed across the site in patient washrooms and rails will be installed in hallways and other public spaces (at different heights) for people with limited mobility. In addition, seating will be provided throughout the public areas to allow older patients and visitors to rest at frequent intervals.
  • There are no thresholds or steps at entryways and into patient washrooms and showers so as to avoid tripping and falling.
  • Floors in showers and bathtubs are anti-slip.
  • All patient rooms have adjustable lighting (dimmers) and nightlights will be installed near bathrooms.
  • Full-spectrum lighting will be installed in all patient rooms to avoid glare.
  • Lights will be positioned over wayfinding signs to make getting around the Glen easier.
  • Automatic door opening for main entrances, hallways and doorways
  • Contrasting paint colours clearly define: doorways, baseboards and floor boards.