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Why Work at the MUHC?

By choosing to work at the MUHC, you are choosing to join a team of over 11,500 employees focused on the same unifying goal:

  • to provide the best care for life for our patients
  • to make the MUHC a leader in medical research, training and health care

For over 150 years, our staff and hospitals have valued innovation and integrity. They have also dedicated themselves to serving the Montreal community. This proud tradition continues. Today, we communicate with patients in upwards of 40 languages and receive over one million patient visits each year. We are also responsible for delivering tertiary health care to over 1.7 million citizens of Quebec, scattered over an area of nearly one million square kilometres. The MUHC constantly strives to improve. This is why we always seek the very best candidates from around the world to join our team!

The McGill University Health Centre at a Glance

Each year, the MUHC:

  • Receives over 783,000 ambulatory visits, including 141,000 emergency department visits and treats 36,000 inpatients
  • Obtains close to $100 million in external research funding through the Research Institute of the MUHC, one of the largest medical and life sciences research facilities in Canada
  • Employs more than 11,500 healthcare and other personnel and trains more than 2,000 people in a range of healthcare disciplines