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Benefits Overview

We are committed to making The McGill University Health Centre a "preferred place to work and learn". In addition to the special intellectual and cultural advantages of being a member of the McGill University Health Centre community, we offer a comprehensive and competitive benefits package. Our benefit programs are designed to contribute to our employee's total well being. They ensure protection in the areas of health and dental, short-term disability income, retirement, employment security and much more. The list below highlights the general benefits available to our employees, at The McGill University Health Centre:

Health and Dental Insurance

Group insurance is a condition of employment. The basic plan is compulsory for those employees who do not wish to take advantage of the exemption. All plans offer a variety of protection, including long-term disability as well as additional life insurance, and are partially subsidized by the employer.

Disability Insurance
An employee who must be absent from work due to illness, may be eligible for disability insurance, providing he/she submits the required medical proof. This plan is totally subsidized by the employer and therefore no premiums are required.


In force since July 1st 1973, the Government and Public Employees Retirement Plan (RREGOP) covers all employees except for management staff who benefit from the "Régime de retraite du personnel d'encadrement" (RRPE). This Defined Benefit Pension Program is designed to make your retirement years as enjoyable and comfortable as possible.

Paid Absences


Non Management Staff
The monthly vacation accumulation is 1.667 days. An employee, who on April 30th has accumulated a full year of service, will benefit from four (4) weeks of vacation. Additional vacation accrues with increasing years of service.

Management Staff
The monthly vacation accumulation is 2.08 days per month. A Manager, who on April 30th has accumulated a full year of service, will benefit from five (5) weeks of vacation.

A Manager who on April 30th has accumulated five (5) years of service will be granted an additional five (5) days of vacation.

Statutory Holidays
The McGill University Health Centre observes 13 statutory holidays.

Sick Days

Non Management Staff
As a general rule, a full time employee will accumulate 0,8 days per month worked from December 1st to November 30th of the following year. Sick days not used are remunerated at 100% each December.

Management staff are compensated for any sick days taken during the year.


A pregnant employee may be entitled to a Maternity Leave of twenty-one (21) weeks. Benefits are payable under the Québec Parental Insurance Program (QPIP). This program combined with the benefits payable by the employer, provides the employee with 93% of her salary for approximately 21 weeks.

Adoption Leave
Employees who qualify for an adoption leave may be eligible to receive a combined income (QPIP + Employer) for a period of six (6) weeks. 

Paternity Leave
An employee who qualifies may be entitled to a maximum of six (6) weeks combined income (QPIP + Employer) for the birth of a child. 

Parental Leave
All employees are eligible for a parental leave of two (2) years for the purpose of extending their Maternity, Adoption or Paternity Leave. An employee may, during the parental leave, return to work on a part time basis. For the employee who meets the necessary requirements, the Québec Parental Insurance Program offers a supplement for an extended period of time.  

More information regarding the Québec Parental Insurance Program, is available by visiting their web site at

Other Leaves
Other possible paid leaves include a leave for marriage, Jury Duty, bereavement and a differed leave of absence. Unpaid leaves include a leave for studies and a leave for personal reasons.

Employment Security

All permanent employees having a minimum of two (2) years of seniority will acquire "Job Security" and the continuity of their benefits. 

Permanent management staff benefit from a Job stability program that guarantees their salary for a maximum period of three (3) years in accordance with the existing regulations.

Miscellaneous Benefits

Employee assistance program: Confidential counselling is available to employees seeking professional guidance with personal or work-related problems.

Parking: The hospital offers discounted parking in various parking lots in the area. Employees benefit from the convenience of payroll deductions.

Day Care Centres: The MUHC offers on-site and near-by child care facilities. These centres are run by a highly skilled professional staff with the hours of operation determined by the demand for services. Payment is conveniently made through payroll deductions.

Provincial and Other Programs

The programs identified below apply to all residents of Québec. For additional information regarding any of the following programs, we suggest you visit the Web site specific to the program.

The Québec Pension Plan: All workers in the province of Québec are required to participate to the Québec Pension Plan (QPP). Contributions to the plan are made through payroll deduction and are based on your earnings.

This program combined with the RREGOP, will guarantee a secure financial retirement. For more information regarding the QPP, we ask you to visit their Web site at

The Québec Health Insurance Plan: The Québec Health Insurance Plan was established on November 1st, 1970 and is intended for all who are Québec residents. Under this plan, eligible persons registered with the "Régie de l'assurance maladie du Québec" will benefit from insured health care services and products.

For more information, please visit their Web site at

Workplace Health and Safety: Full coverage is provided to employees for on-the-job injuries and illness. This program is sponsored by the Québec Government through the "Commission de santé et sécurité au travail". For more information, we invite you to visit their Web site at

The above information outlines some of the benefits available to employees under the various plans. Benefits may vary depending on employee group and status of employment. Details and specifics are provided at the time of hire.

Various Programs

  • Welcoming Day for new employees
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Rewards and Recognition Programs:
    • Quarter Century Plus Club
    • Evaluation system for recognition

Training and Development

  • Mise-à-jour conference funding, training and competency development program for employees
  • Steps in identifying competency development.

Management Staff

  • Integration program for new managers
  • Competency support and development program
  • Social activities
  • Management succession planning program