Pharmacy Department

The mission of the Pharmacy Department is to provide patient-centered pharmaceutical care and services. In addition, Pharmacy is responsible for the evaluation of drugs to be listed on the MUHC Drug Formulary and for drug use within the institution. It also conducts pharmacy research, provides drug information services, and contributes to Health Technology Assessment at the MUHC and via the provincial Pain Medication Management Program (PGTM).

Timely, efficient distribution

Assisted by pharmacy technical assistants, pharmacists provide patients with pharmaceutical care from the satellite pharmacy, from the clinic or directly on the care unit. A member of the treating team, a clinical pharmacist is assigned to every 10 patients in an intensive care unit, to every 20 patients in a patient care unit and to every 30 to 35 patients in a surgical care unit.


The department extensively engages in teaching by training pharmacy students and residents. This takes place mainly on the patient care unit.

Drug Evaluation, Drug Use Evaluation and Pharmacy Research unit

Under the direction of one of the Assistant to pharmacist-in-chief, this unit is composed of the coordinator of the “Programme de gestion thérapeutique des médicaments” (PGTM), the coordinator of the Drug Information Centre, pharmacists and pharmacy residents, a librarian technician, webmaster and administrative agent. It is supported by the Pharmacy Information Systems team for data collection and analysis.

Guiding principles of the Pharmacy Department

• Pharmaceutical care and services organized around the patients/clients’ needs

• Safety, quality and efficiency of the medication-use-system

• Evidence-informed decision making models

• Information management: captured and disseminated in real time to support decision making Pharmaceutical services/ Drug distribution services