Health Innovation Forum Round Table: Nursing in an evolving health system

The second annual Health Innovation Forum provider round table hosted by the McGill University Health Centre

The round table was organized by the Institute for Strategic Analysis and Innovation(ISAI) of the McGill University Health Centre to explore how the nursing profession has changed to meet new expectations, what barriers stand in the way of further evolution of nursing roles, and how health care organizations can promote inter-professional collaboration. The session was held on May 13, 2009 in the Primrose Lecture Theatre at the Royal Victoria Hospital.

Jeanne Besner, Director of the Health Systems and Workforce Research Unit with Alberta Health Services and Chair, Health Council of Canada
Madeleine Boulay-Bolduc
, Associate Director of Nursing, Clinical and Professional Staff Development Service, MUHC
Francine Girard
, Dean, School of Nursing, Université de Montréal
Ann Lynch, Associate Director of Clinical Operations and Nursing Affairs at the MUHC
Patricia O'Connor
, Associate Director of Nursing, Neuroscience Mission, MUHC
Andréanne Saucier
, Associate Director of Nursing, Cancer Mission and Respiratory Services, MUHC
Dr. Jeremy Sturgeon
, Director of Medical Oncology, MUHC
Linda Ward
, President, Ordre de infirmières de Montréal/Laval, Associate Director of Nursing for Medical Services, MUHC