Case Studies: Recent advances in Canadian health care

  • Case study: The MUHC’s CHIP Cardiac Rehabilitation Program Presenters: Marla Gold, Dr. Steven Grover Powerpoint presentation (pdf)
  • Case study: Ambulance New Brunswick Presenters: Rock Marois, Ambulance NB and Dr. Steve Bolton, New Brunswick Department of Health Powerpoint presentation (pdf)
  • Case study: The Alberta Hip and Knee Replacement Project Presenter: Louisa Pothier, Capital Health Powerpoint presentation (pdf)
  • Case study: The Richmond Hip and Knee Reconstruction Project Presenter: Cindy Roberts, Vancouver Coastal Health Powerpoint presentation (pdf)
Marla Gold Dr. Steven Grover Rock Marois Dr. Steve Bolton Louisa Pothier Cindy Roberts
Moderator: Dr. Robyn Tamblyn

Robyn Tamblyn, PhD Dr. Robin Tamblyn is a Professor at McGill University, Faculty of Medicine and also holds a position as Medical Scientist at the McGill University Health Center Research Institute.

Marla Gold, B.Ed Marla Gold is Director of CHIP, the McGill Cardiovascular Health Improvement Program.

Rock Marois, CA, MA Rock Marois is President and Chief Executive Officer of Ambulance New Brunswick (ANB), the public company responsible for providing land and air ambulance services throughout the province. He is also the Chief Operating Officer of New Brunswick Emergency Medical Services (NB EMS), which manages the ambulance service on behalf of Ambulance New Brunswick. NB EMS is a subsidiary of Medavie Blue Cross.

Stephen Bolton MD, PhD Dr. Stephen Bolton is Medical Director of Health and Emergency Medical Services for the Department of Health, in New Brunswick.

Louisa Pothier RN, BScN, ONC(C) Louisa Pothier is the Director Regional Initiatives of Bone & Joint Health for Capital Health; Edmonton, Alberta

Cindy Roberts Cindy Roberts is the Implementation Director for the OsteoArthritis Service Integration System (OASIS) program at VCH.

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