Where to go for healthcare

CONFUSED ABOUT Healthcare in Quebec?

The entire healthcare network of Quebec is undergoing a period of modernization. Plans are underway to increase the number of services provided in more convenient locations, meaning patients can have their everyday health concerns treated closer to home. With more community hospitals, CSSSs and clinics now handling a wider range of routine medical cases, the MUHC has been mandated to concentrate its services to offer more specialized and complex types of care. 

This method of organizing services was designed to create one fluid system that benefits all; where patients receive the right care at the right place at the right time. Rest assured, though the patient experience is evolving, the quality of excellent care provided across the MUHC and the entire network remains the same.

Montreal Health's Network

The Santé Montréal portal is designed to assist users in locating and accessing health and social services and finding more detailed information on websites of interest throughout Montréal's health and social services network. 

Where SHOULD I go for care?

If you have...

Go and see...

Colds, flus, sprains, rashes, annual check-ups, medical question, etc.A family physician, network clinic, walk-in clinic, pharmacist, or call Info-Santé at 811.
Any medical condition that requires you to be referred to a specialist.The specialist or community hospital referred to you by a healthcare professional.
A complex health problem diagnosed by your doctor or a doctor you were referred to that requires hospitalization, complex surgery, emergency care or specialized treatment.An expert at one of our MUHC hospitals.


Visiting a nearby Emergency Department (ED) may seem like a convenient option, but the ED isn’t always the best option. Because of the number of people visiting the ED, patients with non-urgent conditions will wait much longer before seeing a doctor. This inevitably causes frustration for patients and backup in workload for ED staff. 

In non-urgent cases, the most rapid way to initiate treatment for a health issue is to go to your family doctor or a network clinic rather than visiting the hospital Emergency Department.  In fact, more clinics have been established across the network in order to improve access to health care in Montreal and reduce visits to emergency departments.

When faced with an emergency health situation, remember your options:

When to go to the ER

  • If your emergency happens outside of clinic hours, or you require immediate care, visit the closest emergency department
  • If you are unsure of what to do, call Info-Santé at 811. This service is available 24/7 and puts you in contact with a nurse who can help you decide on the best option for your condition. 


If you do not have a family doctor, the MUHC in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Social Services offer a simple way to register. 

Simply enter your postal code by after clicking on the image. You will then be prompted either to contact the Health and Social Services Centre (CSSS) in your area by phone or by filling out the online form. Remember: MUHC specialists will always be available to meet your needs upon reference from your family doctor.


In order to become a patient at the MUHC, you first require a referral from your doctor who will send you to visit one of our specialized clinics or physicians directly.