Specific Goals and Obligations

It shall be the obligation of the Users’ Committee to:

  • Sensitize and advise the MUHC Board of Directors concerning the patients’ perspectives of the care and services provided;
  • Submit an Annual Report of the activities of the Users’ Committee to the Board, and to the Régie Régionale;
  • Elect two representatives to the Board of Directors of the MUHC;
  • Ensure that patients are informed of their rights and responsibilities;
  • Advance the collective interests of patients before the MUHC or any other competent authority;
  • At the request of any individual patient, advance his or her specific interests as a patient, and assist and/or accompany them, upon request, if they wish to file a complaint;
  • Advise the MUHC hospitals concerning patient education programmes, and assist in their organization and periodic review to ensure relevance and comprehensibility;
  • Participate in the development of indicators of quality and safety to ensure cont