Specific Goals and Obligations

It shall be the obligation of the Users’ Committee to:

  • Sensitize and advise the MUHC Board of Directors concerning the patients’ perspectives of the care and services provided;
  • Submit an Annual Report of the activities of the Users’ Committee to the Board, and to the Régie Régionale;
  • Elect two representatives to the Board of Directors of the MUHC;
  • Ensure that patients are informed of their rights and responsibilities;
  • Advance the collective interests of patients before the MUHC or any other competent authority;
  • At the request of any individual patient, advance his or her specific interests as a patient, and assist and/or accompany them, upon request, if they wish to file a complaint;
  • Advise the MUHC hospitals concerning patient education programmes, and assist in their organization and periodic review to ensure relevance and comprehensibility;
  • Participate in the development of indicators of quality and safety to ensure continued excellence in the delivery of patient care;
  • Participate in the assessment of the degree of satisfaction of patients with regard to treatment and services received;
  • Recommend to hospital administration the needed changes or improvements to patient care and facilities;
  • Foster the improvement of the comfort and quality of the physical environment for patient care;
  • Monitor and promote awareness of, and adherence to, the Code of Ethics of the MUHC;
  • Strengthen the hospitals’ commitment to the human dimensions of caring, and to patient/family-focused care within the MUHC;
  • Promote an environment that engenders an atmosphere of mutual respect among patients, families and staff;
  • Ensure that health care is offered in an environment that recognizes and is sensitive to the particular needs of the diverse linguistic, religious and cultural communities and all patient age groups from paediatric to geriatric;
  • Represent the patient community on principal MUHC committees through the appointment of members of the Users’ Committee or their delegates,
  • Represent, where appropriate and when requested, the patient population on community committees dealing with health care issues within or external to the MUHC.