Patients and Visitors


Patient Care

Our innovative features enhance patient care in 
three ways:

  1. Ensuring greater precision and safety
  2. Providing a more comfortable patient experience
  3. Integrating human-focused designs for a smoother workflow

Providing the best care, for life

At the heart of the MUHC is our dedication to providing patients and their families with the best care for life. This patient-centric philosophy, combined with our cutting-edge facilities, not only changes the way we provide health care; it positively affects the way in which our patients’ health improves.

This transformation does not just affect our patients, but the entire health network of Quebec. As proximity healthcare services are being developed (treating non-complex conditions at nearby community hospitals and clinics which are more convenient to patients), the MUHC can concentrate on its mission to provide more specialized care. Rest assured, while the patient experience is changing, the quality of care is not. Our commitment is to help guide our patients and their families through this process so that they continue to receive the care they need in a timely, effective, and compassionate manner.

Discover the ways in which we are putting our patients first:

We're moving towards single-patient rooms on all sites to create a positive healing environment. Our new facilities are designed to bring together multi-disciplinary teams while facilitating teamwork amongst healthcare professionals.
Resource centres are available on each site so you and your family have access to the information you need.We're integrating elderly-friendly designs into our hospitals to ensure the safety of this segment of our clientele.
Providing ultramodern healthcare in kid-friendly environements.Gardens and outdoor terraces available across all our sites are create a truly healing environment.
More than $280M invested in the latest technologies to benefit our patients as well as our healthcare delivery system.

A wealth of MUHC initiatives, creating knowledge for patients

The MUHC has created a several initiatives to help patients understand illness and manage their care.

Preparing for your radiotherapy


This video is designed to provide a virtual tour of the radiotherapy clinics. It shows patients what they should expect during their first visit and subsequent treatment appointments. It introduces the different health care professionals who will be involved in their care and describes the role each plays. [Read more]


The MUHC Makes an IMPACT on Smoking Cessation


MUHC has launched IMPACT, a new smoking cessation program coordinated in partnership with the MSSS de la Montagne and the iQuitnow counselling service. In its initial pilot phase, IMPACT will be offered in the Cardiology division of the Montreal General Hospital and Royal Victoria Hospital, the Pulmonology division of the Montreal Chest Institute (MCI) and to pregnant women, vulnerable families with newborns and patients with chronic diseases. [Read more]


The cancer challenge, graphically illustrated

"What we are trying to do is get rid of the words and do as much as we possibly can with pictures. I think this really is going to open up a whole new world to patients in terms of teaching and understanding the process that they will go through." – Dr. David Fleiszer, Director, MUHC Education Portfolio.

Cancer treatment isn't just medical treatment, isn't just surgery, radiation, chemotherapy - it's also the support that patients need" – Dr. Armen Aprikian, Director, MUHC Cancer Care mission.    .. Link to Patient Education Guide


Self-management is the key to taking charge

"When you work in a healthcare setting every day, you really notice the need that people have for additional support" Dr. Deborah Radcliffe-Branch, Director of the "My Toolbox" program

“Self-management is key to taking charge of one’s illness” - Expert Patient and My Toolbox Mediator, Cathy Camozzi  .. Link to My Toolbox (McGill)