Patient and Visitor Parking

ParkingAt the MUHC, we understand that paying for parking is not pleasant. That’s why, to better serve our patients, their families and visitors, we offered discounted packages to lessen the financial impact of frequent visits.

For parking information related to each site, and to find out more about alternative modes of transport, visit the following pages:




24h Rates

*These rates do not apply to Lachine Hospital

Reduced Parking Rates Passes

*Passes can be purchased at the parking customer service desks of each hospital.

Please note: Lachine Hospital has separate daily parking rates and packages. Visit their hospital page for more information.

Where does parking money go? Where does parking money go? As per government directives, our parking lots and services are self-financed. Parking revenues are used to repay the cost of construction, maintenance, staffing, etc. Any excess revenues go into the hospital operating budget in order to support patient care, including the purchase of hospital equipment, etc.

  Site Location   Extension
Montreal General Hospital T6 – 104   43626
Lachine Hospital  0J4   77001
Royal Victoria Hospital D RC.1000   32330
Montreal Chest Institute D RC.1000   32330
Cedar’s Cancer Centre  D RC.1000   32330
Montreal Children’s Hospital  A RC.1000   23427
Montreal Neurological Hospital S3.08   34625