Environmental Stewardship

The McGill University Health Centre’s commitment to environmental stewardship is a natural extension of its pursuit of excellence. It also compliments the goal of a patient-centric, healing environment for patients, visitors and staff. This stewardship comes at a time when the MUHC is engaged in one of the country’s most significant Redevelopment Projects.

Strategic Direction

In 2006, with the full support of the health centre’s administration, the MUHC established its Environmental Policy. This policy guides the institution’s social commitment toward minimizing undue risk and adverse environmental impacts on human health and the natural environment.

A permanent, executive-level Environmental Committee was set up immediately to implement environmental best practices. Standing members cover Nursing, Research, Technical Services, Logistics, Quality and Risk Management, Occupational Health and Safety, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services, Communications, Finance, Purchasing, Hospital Services and Programme Support, Environmental Quality Improvement Committee, and Redevelopment Planning.

A Safety and Environment Committee of the MUHC Board of Directors also has been set up.