Appointment of Members of the Board of Directors of the MUHC

Today, the Minister of Health and Social Services, Gaétan Barrette, and the Minister responsible for Rehabilitation, Youth Protection and Public Health, Lucie Charlebois, announced the appointment of new board members for the province’s institutions operating in the health and social services network. As you will remember, boards were dissolved on March 31, 2015 following the application of the Law modifying the organization and governance of the health and social services network notably by the abolition of regional agencies.   

The independent members of the Board of Directors of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) were appointed by the minister based on recommendations received by a committee of governance experts while those representing McGill University were selected from a list supplied by the University. In addition, each of the electoral colleges designated a member as per the regulations. It is worth mentioning that the process also took into account male/female parity, the representation of different groups found within the territory we cover, the socio-cultural, ethnocultural, linguistic and demographic composition of our users, as well as the competencies, expertise and experience of the candidates.   

Below you will find the names of the 2015-2018 Board of Directors of the MUHC. I am very pleased that the MUHC will benefit from some continuity, as well as be able to count on individuals whose collective profile reflects the perspectives of patient representatives, as well as a solid background in governance and ethics; risk management, finance and accounting; human, real estate and information resources; audit, performance and quality.  Members’ biographical notes will be posted soon on our Web site.   


Independent Members

Mr. Claudio Bussandri - Chairman

Ms. Melissa Sonberg  (bio coming soon)

Ms. Marie Giguère 

Mr. Norman G. Spencer  

Ms. Gail Heather Campbell  

Ms. Janis A. Riven  (bio coming soon)

Mr. David Laidley 

Mr. Robert Rabinovitch  

Ms. Teresa Pacheco  (bio coming soon)

Mr. Glenn Rourke 


Appointed Members

Mr Normand Rinfret – President and Executive Director

Ms. Suzanne Fortier – Affiliated University (bio coming soon)

M. Peter Abraham – Affiliated University


Designated Members

Non designated – Regional Department of General Medicine  

Dr. Olivier Court – Council of Physicians, Dentists and Pharmacists  (bio coming soon)

Mr. André Bonnici – Regional Committee for Pharmaceutical Services   (bio coming soon)

Dr. Susan Drouin – Council of Nurses 

Ms. Colleen Timm – Multidisciplinary Council  

Mr. Pierre Hurteau – Users’ Committee


Observing Member (non-voting)

Mr. Greg Rokos – Foundation  (bio coming soon)


If you would like to know the composition of other boards of directors in the health and social services network, you can consult the Ministry’s Web site by clicking here: