The Pivot Nurse

The oncology pivot nurse plays a crucial role in patient and family-centred care. In fact, for the integrated network of interdisciplinary teams to offer the complete biological, psychological, sociological and spiritual care continuum cancer patients and their families need, it is paramount that these services are orchestrated throughout the stages of the disease. Specially trained, the pivot nurse ensures this, providing a “common front against cancer” and acting as a highly effective interface between the patient and his or her family, the care team and the various health services (hospitals, CRSSSs and community organizations) that are required.

The McGill University Health Centre has 18 oncology pivot nurses. They bring to bear their talents and experience to create strong links with patients and their families, to provide personal, individualized care that reflects the patient’s preferences and expectations as well as their needs. The pivot nurse communicates with all the care providers so that they share a consistent vision. This in turn gives patients, and those who are close to them, the confidence that their fight against cancer is being well-managed.