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Administrative field

Whether you work on the front-line receiving patients or in the background planning budgets, schedules or any other administrative task, you have an important impact on patient care. Administrative agents, medical secretaries and administrative technicians make sure the job gets done right!

“After working in the entertainment industry for several years, I decided to reorient myself towards a career in human resources. I was apprehensive about working in an office 5 days a week, but I couldn't have made a better choice than to work as an administrative agent for the MUHC. 

“Here, I feel that I can be myself, have great flexibility in my work schedule and have enough energy to practice my passion when I finish a day’s work. Best of all, I finally have the financial freedom to pursue the musical projects that are really close to my heart. I feel a double portion of fulfilment knowing that I’m contributing to the success of the MUHC, all while pursuing my personal passion and my dreams.”

Catherine, administrative agent, MUHC
  • Your work contributes to efficient patient follow-up and directly supports MUHC healthcare professionals and activities
  • A collaborative multidisciplinary work environment 
  • Being surrounded by the latest technologies
  • The ability to work in clinics, administrative offices, call centres, or laboratories to name but a few specialties
  • A bilingual environment, English and French 
  • Stimulating academic work environment where training and professional development activities are strongly encouraged
  • Flexible working hours favouring a work-life balance 
  • Job stability

The MUHC offers exceptional quality, patient-centred, complex multidisciplinary care in a bilingual environment. Affiliated with McGill University, the MUHC contributes to the evolution of knowledge and best practice guidelines, providing the best evidence-based care for life!

  • Orientation for newly hired employees 
  • Dynamic academic environment
  • Multidisciplinary team 
  • Employee recognition program
  • Continuing education and training (workshops, conferences, etc.) 
  • Choose from many specialties offered in our hospitals 
  • Transfer your position from one hospital to another without losing your seniority and accumulated benefits, such as vacation time and sick days.

Take advantage of our employment benefits such as: 

     ✓  Four weeks' vacation
     ✓  9.6 sick days and personal days 
     ✓  13 statutory holidays 
     ✓  Group insurance 
     ✓  Attractive pension fund (RREGOP) 
     ✓  and much more!

Work in pediatrics at the Montreal Children's Hospital or venture into adult care at the Royal Victoria Hospital, the Montreal General Hospital, the Montreal Neurological Hospital, or the Lachine Hospital and Camille-Lefebvre long-term care facility.

Join our friendly, passionate team.

Apply for a career in administration at the MUHC today!

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