Lachine Hospital & Camille-Lefebvre Volunteer Services

Getting Started

The volunteers of the Lachine Campus is made up of good-natured men and women, who’s objective is to bring a bit cheer to the elderly patients of our community. Their cheerfulness, listening skills and their compassion make the difference with the everyday life of our residents. 

Once accepted as volunteer, you must follow an introductory training geared towards helping long-term patients who have lost some of their autonomy. Afterwards we will pair you with another experienced volunteer to further continue your training. You will always have guidance and support throughout your volunteer services. 

To become a volunteer, you must come to the Lachine Hospital and Camille-Lefebvre and ask for an application form for volunteer services. Once received, an interview will be necessary in order to better evaluate your candidature.

Join our team of volunteers at the Lachine Hospital! 

We are always looking for a friendly smile to bring a bit of cheer to our dialysis and long-term care patients. Are you compassionate, a good listener, cheerful and interested in volunteering?

Call or email us today:

Lachine Hospital & Camille-Lefebvre
637 13e Avenue,
Lachine, Quebec
H8S 4K4

Phone: (514) 934-1934 #43008

Email: mattia [dot] angerillo [at] muhc [dot] mcgill [dot] ca (Mattia Angerillo)

All Lachine Hospital volunteers receive training to be well prepared for their assignments. And be rest assured, if you volunteer with us, you will always have guidance and support.

We look forward to meeting you