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The TBI Research Unit is part of an award winning multidisciplinary team that is well-established as hard-working collegial specialists & experts.

The MUHC Research Institute enjoys world class recognition, and the TBI Research Unit is now a contributing partner of this organization, adding to its positive profile for recruitment and financial support.

It has published over 60 journal articles and presented frequently at provincial, national and international forums on TBI.

The TBI Research Unit promotes Multi-center Research. The majority of research projects are multidisciplinary in nature:

  • McGill University departments of neurology and neurosurgery, biomedical engineering
  • Genome Quebec and McGill University Innovation Center
  • Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital
  • Other university centers & partners at the national and international levels


Traumatic Brain Injury Program

The TBI team sees trivial, mild simple, mild complex, moderate and severe TBIs, which all have different needs and different possible outcomes. 

Traumatic brain injuries and concussions come from a blow to the head, or a violent movement of the cranium, causing a jolt to the brain.

They can be caused by a number of reasons :

  • Violence
  • Sports and recreational activities injuries
  • Transportation accidents
  • Fall
  • Assaults

The professionals of the Traumatic Brain Injury Program put together a series of videos to help you and your family better understand the impact of living with a traumatic brain injury.

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Traumatic Brain Injury Program


Treating the Psychological Effects of a Traumatic Brain Injury
June is Brain Injury Awareness month