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New video on female fertility preservation.


Since the development of fertility treatments, the McGill University Health Centre’s Reproductive Centre has been at the forefront of helping couples have children. At the MUHC Reproductive Centre we have been creating families for over 20 years and continue to provide outstanding and compassionate care in a safe and professional environment.

Our multidisciplinary team of world-renowned fertility specialists is unique and professionals work closely with each family to provide compassionate care through a personalized treatment plan.   

The MUHC Reproductive Centre is not a for-profit enterprise and therefore charges less than private clinics.  


The MUHC Reproductive Centre is now open in a new location with more capacity than ever.  Make an appointment today to ask us about infertility and the treatment options available with no wait times. 

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Kids After Cancer?

Preservation Care for Women Diagnosed with Cancer.

LGBT Open House

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Kids After Cancer?

Fertility Preservation Care for Male Patients Diagnosed with Cancer

William BuckettDemystifying Infertility with Dr. William Buckett

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Elective Egg Freezing

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Tax Credit for Fertility Treatments

Review of the tax assistance granted to persons who opt for assisted procreation to become parents


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