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An action or situation where a risk event occurs which has or could have consequences for the state of health or welfare of the user, a personnel member, professional involved or a third person.

(Source: Act Respecting Health Services and Social Services R.SQ, c. S-4.2 [“HSSSA”], section 8)

*In Quebec, there is a distinction between incidents and accidents. In Quebec, accidents could have consequences, whereas incidents do not. In the rest of Canada, incidents include all incidents and accidents, with or without consequences.


Adverse Event:
An unexpected and undesired incident directly associated with the care or services provided to the patient.

(Source: The Canadian Patient Safety Dictionary)


The process by which an incident or accident is communicated to the patient by healthcare providers.

(Source: Adapted from: Disclosure Working Group. Canadian Disclosure Guidelines, Edmonton, AB: Canadian Patient Safety Institute; 2008)


Fiscal period:
Hospitals function according to an annual calendar composed of 13 periods ("P" in graphs) starting April 1st to March 31st.


An action or situation that does not have consequences for the