Cancer Under The Radar: Young Adults Tell Their Stories

Bilingual book by young adults with cancer highlights unique needs


The Cedars Cancer Institute is pleased to announce that the Cedars CanSupport program for Adolescents and Young Adults (AYA) will launch the French and English language editions of a collection of photos, art, poetry and prose entitled Cancer Under The Radar: Young Adults Tell Their Stories. The official launch will take place on Wednesday, April 28 from 5pm to 7pm, at the Montreal General Hospital’s Livingston Hall (L6-500). The publication of Cancer Under The Radar was made possible with the support of a bursary from the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) Innovations program, the late Kasey Gage and her family, and the Cedars Cancer Institute.

Cancer Under The Radar is one of the first books produced by young adults living with cancer. It was born of a desire to share the often overlooked experiences of young adults who are living with cancer. While their peers are completing degrees, starting careers or having families, young adults with cancer are fighting for their lives.

Cedars CanSupport leaders undertook the initiative with three specific goals: 1) to provide young adults living with cancer the opportunity to communicate their personal stories with the wider community 2) to raise awareness and sensitivity within the MUHC medical community about the personal lived experiences and struggles that young adults face during their cancer journey and 3) to educate the larger Montreal community about the possible impact of cancer at any stage of life, especially between 18-39 years of age.

The result is Cancer Under The Radar - featuring the work of fifteen young adults who have had a cancer diagnosis. Contributors are affiliated with Young Adults in Action, the psychosocial group of Cedars CanSupport that uses a creative arts program therapy approach to bring young adults coping with cancer together to share their experiences. Proceeds from book sales will go directly towards this program.

“Our goal is to share the voices of young adults living with cancer in order to raise awareness about our unique circumstances,” says Jane Shulman, a book contributor and volunteer on the project over the past year. “We are grateful to Cedars CanSupport for their leadership role and hope that if the medical and psychosocial communities have a better understanding of our needs, we will be more visible as a group and have better access to critical support services.”

Everyone is welcome to attend the official launch at the Montreal General Hospital, 1650 Cedars Avenue, on April 28, to meet several of the young adults who contributed to the book as well as Gwendolyn Andrews Nacos, founder of Cedars CanSupport, Dr. Armen Aprikian, Director of the MUHC Cancer Care Mission and other special guests. Several book contributors as well as Cedars CanSupport AYA Support Program leaders and coordinators are available for interviews prior to and day of the launch. Admission and parking are free (parking vouchers will be distributed at the event) RSVP to:

Tel.: 514-843-1666
E mail: aya [dot] radar [at] gmail [dot] com