CAFÉ SCIENTIFIQUE - Beat Ovarian Cancer! Let knowledge be your weapon.

380 new cases are diagnosed every year in Montreal. The good news: early detection offers a 90 per cent survival rate…

Too many women continue to die from ovarian cancer due to a simple lack of awareness.


On the evening of February 18, the Cafe des Beaux-Arts welcomed our 5th Cafe Scientifique. In an atmosphere of tranquility, the audience listened and asked questions as our experts, who are actively involved in research and treatment of ovarian cancer, discussed the causes of this silent killer, the different stages of the disease and the usefulness of early detection.

Our experts of the evening included: Dr. Lucy Gilbert, Chief of Gynecologic Oncology, MUHC and Associate Professor of Medicine, McGill University; Dr. Lorraine Portelance, Radiation Oncologist, MUHC and Dr. William Foulkes, Professor, Departments of Human Genetics, Oncology and Medicine, and Director, Program in Cancer Genetics, McGill University 

 Gerri Barrer, former health reporter for CBC, hosted the evening with panache. With her expertise, she raised important points of the subject and reinvigorated the debate at the appropriate times.


   From left to right: Dr. Portelance, Dr. Gilbert and Dr. Foulkes
   Our panelits answering questions from the public





  Dr. Gilbert and Dr. Foulkes

    Our panel sharing information with Gerri Barrer, the moderator for the evening


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Café des beaux-arts, 1384 Sherbrooke West
Feb 18, 2010 - 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm