Borderline Personality Disorder: What We Know and What We Do

A presentation from the MUHC Personality Disorders Program


This symposium’s objective is to disseminate cutting edge evidence- based research and clinical expertise in the treatment of patients with BPD. The various talks aim to provide information related to working with this population, and an introduction to effective and accessible treatment approaches. Previous treatment methods have been lengthy and expensive. We will highlight the benefit of a 12- week program for most patients with BPD and describe main elements of effective short-term psychotherapy. We will describe evidence-based interventions for effective treatment of concurrent disorders, focusing on addictions.

This symposium will also cover approaches to self-harm and suicidality; as well as how to establish and maintain appropriate boundaries. We will distill some key components of effective supervision in the treatment of patients with BPD. Lastly, we will provide an overview of effective group psychotherapy focusing on intra/interpersonal and group dynamics.



Borderline Personality Disorder: What We Know and What We DoTanya Bergevin, Psychologist, PD Program, MUHC.

Dr. Robert Biskin, Personality Disorders Program, SMBD-Jewish General Hospital; Professor, Department of Psychiatry, McGill University

Sally Butterworth, Psychologist, PD Program, MUHC.

Dr.  Ronald  Fraser,  Head,  Inpatient  Detoxification  Services, Addictions Unit; Director, Extended Care Borderline Personality Disorder Clinic, McGill University Health Centre; Associate Professor, Department  of  Psychiatry,  McGill  University  and  Dalhousie University.

Ilana Kronick, Psychologist, PD Program, MUHC.

Dr. Joel Paris, Head, Short-Term Clinic, MUHC; Head, PD Program, SMBD-Jewish General Hospital; Full Professor, Department of Psychiatry, McGill University.

Allen Surkis, Psychologist, PD Program, MUHC.



Lori Isaif, OT Psychotherapist, MUHC

Lise Laporte, Psychologist, MUHC

Joel Paris, Psychiatrist, Jewish General Hospital

Tiffany Resendes, Conference Coordinator, McGill University



8h15      Registration

8h45      Lise Laporte, PhD - Welcome and Introduction

9h00      Dr. Ronald Fraser - Personality Disorders: Seeing the Forest through the Trees

9h30       Dr. Joel Paris - Stepped Care for BPD

10h15    Coffee break

10h30    Ilana Kronick, PhD - BPD: Essential Therapeutic Approaches for Short Term Intervention

11h15    Allen Surkis, PhD & Sally Butterworth, MA - Group Psychotherapy for Patients with BPD

12h15    Lunch (not included)

13h15    Dr. Ronald Fraser - Concurrent Personality Disorders and Addictive Disorders

14h15    Tanya Bergevin, PhD - Efficient Supervision in a Clinical Context: How to Supervise Those Who Work with BPD Patients

15h00    Health break

15h15    Dr. Robert Biskin - BPD Psychotherapy: Clinical Dilemmas and Recommendations

16h00    Q&A

16h15    Dr. Joel Paris – Closing Remarks


English presentation with simultaneous interpretation service in French.



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Certificates of attendance will be issued on site to all participants. This activity is recognized by the Ordre des Psychologues du Québec for 6 hours of continuing education in psychotherapy (RE02344-17).


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Amphitheatre Jeanne Timmins Montreal Neurological Institute 3801 University Street, Montreal
May 25, 2018 - 8:30 am - 4:30 pm