Ghost Stories

In the spirit of Halloween this week, we would like to share some chilling ghost stories that were submitted by our MUHC staff.

haunted painting

Illustration: Pierre Durand


Haunted painting

Hanging upon the walls of a patients’ ward in the Ross Pavilion of the Royal Victoria Hospital, was once a unique painting. The scene was of a house and a beautiful landscape but it had been reported by patients and staff that sometimes, an old lady appeared in the window looking out. At times, patients said they saw an old lady coming out of the house, looking around, before going back in. The painting was so disturbing to the patients and staff, they decided to remove it from the wall. 


RVH Ghost

Illustration: Pierre Durand


Ghosts of the RVH

 One night at the Royal Victoria Hospital, a nurse was taking a break. While lying on a couch she saw an apparition standing over her, which she described as a white smoky light. She got up to take a better look and told it to go away. When it didn’t move, she proceeded to pass her hands through the apparition several times to disperse the white “fog.” Eventually, it did go away but it came back with two other apparitions. She tried to scream, but nothing came out. The apparitions finally left but the nurse never rested on that couch again. 


Illustration: Pierre Durand


Locked door…

A patient had just passed away in M5-Car-diac of the Royal Victoria Hospital. The staff arranged him and closed the door as they waited for his family.  Later, they realized the door of the room was locked from the inside. No one was in the room, except for the dead patient.  Security had to come and unlock the door.  The staff thought the patient did not want his family to see him like that.