The role of dynamic imaging in treating congenital heart disease

The McGill Adult Unit for Congenital Heart Disease (MAUDE) and the importance of dynamic imaging. Presentation by Dr. Luc Jutras

The MAUDE Unit provides personalized, state of the art care in cardiac surgery, cardiac intervention, valvular heart disease and transplantation as well as integrated care in medicine and obstetrics. The unit is named after Maude Abbott, whose chapter on congenital cardiac disease appeared in Dr. William Osler's Modern Medicine (published in 1908), and established her as a world authority on the subject. In 1936 she published the Atlas of Congenital Heart Disease, where she described more than 1,000 cases, forming a solid foundation for the modern day study of heart surgery.

The unit serves those who have been treated for congenital heart disease at The Children's hospital and graduate into the adult world. The McGill Adult Unit for Congenital Heart Disease ensures that those patients with congenital heart disease who move on from The Children's are followed closely and receive care as adults.

In the video, Dr. Luc Jutras, pediatric cardiologist at the Montreal Children's Hospital, explains the growing medical benefits of dynamic imaging, especially in infant care.