24 Heures de science... in Health! (video)

Witness remote medicine, discover the human body from a different angle and also unravel the mysteries of the spine...


As part of Quebec's 6th edition of the science and technology event 24 Heures de science, those who are curious about the human body had the chance to "go backstage" at four of the largest hospitals in Montreal on May 6 and 7, 2011.

The Medical Imaging Department of the Montreal General Hospital opened its doors on Friday, May 7, to a group of 4th grade students from the Académie Michèle-Provost, curious to learn more about the human body. As scientists-in-training, these lucky students spent a few hours "on the experts’ side" and had the opportunity to interact with technicians, radiologists and physicians in various examination rooms.

The next day, the general public had the opportunity to follow in the healthy footsteps of the MUHC, the Neuro and St Mary's Hospital Center (SMHC). Montrealers took advantage of this unique opportunity to analyze radiological exams at the SMHC or try a simulation of a medical consultation with a demonstration of medical equipment through video conferencing, all made possible by the Telehealth team at the Montreal Children's Hospital.

The lucky ones were able to see and touch a real human brain at the Neuro and enjoyed a virtual tour around our most complex organ. And in the late afternoon, fans of biomechanics were offered the chance to "tinker" with a spine with the team at the orthopedic research laboratory of the Royal Victoria Hospital.

The 24 Heures de science en santé 2011 brought out 186 participants. We invite all fans of health sciences to join us next year!

Visit to the Medical Imaging Department, Montreal General Hospital

Telehealth at The Montreal Children’s Hospital

Visit to the Medical Imaging Centre, St Mary's Hospital Center

courtesy of SMHC Public Relations and Corporate Communications Department

Visit to the Orthopedic Research Laboratory, Royal Victoria Hospital