The Pain Management Program

Chronic pain affects approximately one third of the population, at great cost to the individual patient and to society. With the ageing population and improved survival rates for conditions such as cancer, these figures will probably increase. Pain management, especially regarding chronic pain, is therefore at the core of the McGill University Health Centre’s (MUHC) medical activities, and supports many clinical departments.

The MUHC Pain Program is at the forefront in the field of pain research and management, through excellence and innovation in clinical care, pain education and community collaboration.


Clinically, we have developed and maintained innovative pain management models among multiple disciplines within the MUHC and in the community. We have been able to expand and enhance our collaborations with key programs. Treating cancer pain, neuromodulation and other invasive interventions, fibromyalgia and pain in the community, among other adverse conditions, has resulted in an exceptional MUHC Pain Program.


Beyond providing clinical expertise, however, the Pain Program promotes pain education as one of its highest priorities, not only at McGill and the MUHC but in the community, nationally and internationally. The Program’s efforts in these areas provide guidance and support for the province’s RUIS program promoting the integration of pain services.


Finally, in the field of pain research, Pain Program staff members continue to undertake innovative studies and initiatives, which will enhance current pain treatments, develop new pain management approaches and permit us to scientifically assess the long-term effectiveness of our work with patients.

McGill Alan Edwards Centre for Research on Pain

The Pain Program is also fortunate to enjoy a close and fruitful collaboration with one of the best groups of pain scientists in the world at McGill Alan Edwards Centre for Research on Pain. All of our activities are enhanced by the ongoing generous support of the Louise and Alan Edwards Foundation, a voluntary organization dedicated to the promotion of MUHC pain medicine in the technical, educational and research domains to the highest levels.