Montreal General Hospital (MGH) Division of Neurology

High quality on-site neurological expertise at all times.

Specialized Areas

In addition to the Division’s focus on stroke and consultation neurology, the Division has expertise and clinical programs in several specialized areas of neurological disease:

  • movement disorders
  • peripheral neuropathy
  • myasthenia gravis

Stroke is the most common disabling neurological disorder in the Western world, and it is a leading cause of disability and associated healthcare costs in Quebec and Canada. The Division’s in-patient Stroke Program and Cerebrovascular Clinic consolidate the McGill University health Centre (MUHC) clinical, educational and research efforts to lessen the impact of stroke on the population it serves.

24/7 Care

To function as a tertiary care hospital with an Emergency Department and Intensive Care Units, the MUHC must have high quality on-site neurological expertise at all times. The Montreal General Hospital (MGH) Division of Neurology currently provides this service for the MGH. Consultation neurology is central to clinical treatments and teaching at the MUHC.

This expertise is recognized beyond the sphere of the MUHC.


The Division is central to education and clinical training in the nervous system and in neurological disease at all levels at the MUHC. It is a key contributor to McGill University’s national and international reputation as a centre for neurological education.


The MGH Division of Neurology’s research in stroke, movement disorders, and neuromuscular disease has developed directly from its clinical activities. The resulting scholarly work has been steady and sustained.