Clinical support for kidney and electrolyte disorders, hypertension, dialysis, and kidney transplantation.


General Nephrology and Nephrology Specialty Clinics

  • Advanced chronic kidney disease and pre-dialysis
  • Kidney stones
  • Complex hypertension
  • Systemic lupus erythematosus and kidney disease
  • Kidney disease in pregnancy
  • Pediatric to adult kidney disease transition care
  • Renal failure in native populations
  • Kidney biopsy

Hospital Hemodialysis

  • Acute, conventional, on-line hemodiafiltration
  • Hemodialysis exercice program
  • Continuous renal replacement therapy
  • Vascular access planning

Home Dialysis

  • Noctural home hemodialysis
  • Peritoneal dialysis
  • Peritoneoscopic insertion of peritoneal dialysis catheters

Satellite Hemodialysis and TeleNephrology

Kidney Transplantation

  • Pre-transplant evaluation
  • Peri-transplant management
  • Long-term follow up
  • Allograft biopsy
  • Evaluation of donors
  • Paired exchange
  • Recipient desensitization protocols

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The McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) Nephrology Division was among the first in Canada to provide acute hemodialysis, to establish one of the first comprehensive Nephrology laboratories, and to establish the first cadaveric kidney transplant program in Canada. Some of the key research accomplishments include seminal studies into the mechanisms of sodium handling by the kidney and ascites formation in liver failure, as well as mineral metabolism. Members of the Division were involved in important studies in areas of dialysis, including entry criteria into dialysis and pathogenesis of cardiac dysfunction in end stage kidney disease.

In more recent years, the Division has provided a full spectrum of clinical services in nephrology, dialysis and transplantation.

Members of the Division have been involved in innovative aspects of dialysis care, including:

  • self-care dialysis
  • home nocturnal hemodialysis
  • hemodiafiltration
  • telenephrology
  • implementation of a hemodialysis exercise program.

Nephrology runs several multidisciplinary specialty clinics in the areas of:

  • pre-dialysis
  • kidney stones
  • lupus nephritis
  • hypertension
  • pregnancy
  • pediatric to adult transition care. 

There is an active kidney and kidney-pancreas transplant program that emphasizes living-related kidney donation.

Basic research focuses on epithelial cell biology and defining mechanisms of immune glomerular cell injury that lead to proteinuria and kidney failure. The clinical research themes include development of models towards secondary prevention of chronic kidney disease in high-risk populations, management of anemia and cardiovascular disease in the dialysis population, biomarkers of chronic kidney disease and transplant kidney function, outcomes in kidney transplantation, and development of immunosuppressive protocols in kidney transplantation. 

By emphasizing steady advancement in basic and clinical sciences, development of innovative clinical practice methods, including multi-disciplinary approaches and solid teaching, the Nephrology Division contributes to the role of the MUHC as a major academic health centre.