The Medical Mission

The right patients in the right place at the right time.

The Mission recognizes the importance of patient and family involvement in care and coping with disease. Patient safety is a key theme in our Educational materials, which offer support for the quality of life of patient and family:

  • an educational programme for patients living with severe lung disease;
  • pamphlet for patients to help them manage their pain;
  • information leaflet about preventing pressure sores
  • posters about Falls Prevention
  • Rehabilitation program known as PEP -  the pulmonary exercise program.
  • Online resource centres
  • On-site libraries

With an aging population and advances in medical science, many live with chronic disease.  Asthma, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer present huge challenges for people in their daily lives.  Acute infectious diseases must also be treated.  Our healthcare teams will care for patients during an acute phase of their illness and help them return to their usual level of functioning and quality of life.  In such an acute phase, a patient may need to be seen in the Emergency Department then be admitted to one of our inpatient units.  On the inpatient units we have multi-disciplinary teams which include doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, social workers, occupational therapists, and pharmacists to help restore patients to their usual state of health.

Once the acute phase is over, the team will ensure appropriate follow up of the patient, be that in a rehabilitation hospital, a convalescent facility or at home, through liaison with our community partners.  If needed, appointments will be made for the patient as an outpatient at the MUHC so that their condition(s) can be followed and treated in an optimal way. We also coordinate with primary health care providers to ensure appropriate support for patient and family.  Often, follow up remains the task of the medical mission.

Clinicians in the Medical Mission specialize in many fields, among them: Cardiology, Endocrinology, Geriatrics and Respiratory Medicine.  Any patient admitted under the care of the Medical Mission has access to these specialists and any others they may need. As part of a large teaching hospital, our experts care for patients, perform research and train the next generation of clinicians in all the healthcare professions.

In summary, the Medical Mission has the patient and family as its focus of care throughout all phases of illness, from the emergency room visit, through a hospital stay, to an outpatient follow up appointment or programme.  It is our aim to provide expert clinical multi-disciplinary care to treat illness and optimise patient and family well-being.

Divisions and Departments