Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Manager Recognition Program?

At the MUHC you are recognized for your hard work, thanked for your contribution in providing excellent care and even recognized simply for being a part of the MUHC family! The organization invests in a Corporate Recognition Program and you reap the benefits of these programs the moment you join the MUHC community. Here are some exclusive advantages:

  • Managers Day: Our managers are an integral part of our valued staff, and recognizing them also means providing them with the necessary tools to accomplish their job. Our annual Managers’ Day is an energizing one-day conference that strives to accomplish these objectives.
  • Corporate Discount Program: The MUHC has partnered with reputable companies and has negotiated discounts for us on a variety of products and services. New partners are added regularly.
  • MUHC e-cards: It’s fun to send an e-card for birthdays, retirements, to congratulate someone or just to show appreciation! Choose from a selection of 22 e-cards available to all Lotus Notes users.
  • On-the-Spot Recognition Program: A program designed to recognize individuals or teams who go that extra mile.
  • Service Awards: You don’t have to wait 25 years to be recognized for your commitment and contribution to the MUHC. We are recognized after just 1 year of service!
  • Social Events: Each MUHC site is represented by a Quality of Life at Work Committee. Each committee is responsible for putting together social activities throughout the year to promote enjoyment at work. We enjoy our site specific events, such as Halloween parties, corn roasts, BBQ and Christmas parties. It’s true that we work hard but it’s also true that we have fun at work!
  • The Managers’ Holiday Cocktail: A yearly get-together organized to celebrate the Holiday Season. It offers the opportunity to network and enjoy the company of colleagues.
  • MUHC Change Management Program: In their work, managers may be met by challenges such as changes in workgroup formation, workgroup dynamics, cooperation and other management issues. In order to help them, the MUHC Change Management Program offers support with planning and implementation of successful changes including analysis, planning of the change, strategic planning, project management and efficient communication strategies.