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Management Careers

At the MUHC we understand the importance of good hospital management. We actively seek for the best and brightest managers to drive our institution forward at an exciting time of redevelopment, keeping us competitive internationally, while providing the best possible care for our patients.

MUHC Human Resource Services has been offering a "guichet unique" or single point of contact system to respond to managers' needs. Our objective is to make the McGill University Health Centre the employer of choice for managers in the healthcare sector. In addition to being responsible for all the recruitment and selection activities related to management positions across the MUHC, this team devotes its time and energy to identifying and responding to the needs of managers, while working in close collaboration with all Human Resources sectors.

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Professional Development

Management training and development at the MUHC

Orientation and Integration Program
We provide an Orientation and Integration Program for our new managers. Spread over a year, it provides managers with the support necessary to take on their job responsibilities, facilitate their involvement in and commitment to the workplace, and help them to establish a network within the organization.

Management Skills Development Program
We have also developed a MUHC Management Skills Development Program to enable managers to update and enhance their management skills. It includes many seminars, such as communication, change management, team mobilization, and conflict management, along with breakfast-conferences pertaining to other management themes. Managers’ participation to various external development activities, such as conferences, co-development groups and coaching, is also supported.

Additional Programs
• Integration program for new managers
• Competency support and development program
• Performance bonus program
• Annual managers day
• Social activities
• Management relief planning program