Elderly-patient Design

To ensure the safety of this segment of our clientele, the MUHC is making efforts to integrate elderly-friendly designs into our hospitals.  

  • Contrasting paint colours to clearly define doorways, baseboards and floor boards
  • Easy public accessibility
  • Grab bars in patient washrooms and rails installed in hallways and other public spaces (at different heights) for people with limited mobility
  • Seating provided throughout the public areas to allow older patients and visitors to rest at frequent intervals
  • No steps or thresholds at entryways or in patient washrooms and showers to prevent tripping and falling
  • Anti-slip floors in showers and bathtubs
  • Adjustable and full-spectrum lighting in all patient rooms to avoid glare; nightlights installed near bathrooms
  • Wayfinding signs with lights to make getting around easier
  • Main entrance equipped with automatic doors