Food Services


The hospital cafeteria is located in the Trottier Family Atrium, level S1 (C S1.1178). It comes complete with an outdoor terrace, for indoor and outdoor seating, and it is accessible to everyone (patients, family members, visitors and staff) 7 days a week . Service hours are:

  • from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday, 
  • and between 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. 

Here, you will find a complete selection of various meals and snacks that can be consumed on site or taken to go. Our recipes promoting healthy nutrition habits are at the forefront of our values and our warm and welcoming staff will be there to greet you as best they can. We’ll be waiting for you!

Catering service

The MUHC Catering service offers a variety of tasty quality dishes that are designed to suit the need of any of your events or special occasions. For six or more people, you or a member of your family can take advantage of this service by choosing from a variety of selections including hot and cold breakfasts, cold buffets, sandwich and salad platters, pizzas, desserts and coffee service. We also offer custom order service should you wish to order a special cake or menu not found within our regular selection. For more information, please contact our catering service (local 36232) and we will be pleased to serve you.

Hospital Services

Internet service:

Wi-Fi public access At the Glen site, the MUHC offers free basic Wi-Fi Internet access to patients and visitors. The service is provided through the following network name:


To access Wi-Fi, enter the following requested information (in lower case):

Username: public

Password: wifi

This free service is offered with limited access and a controlled environment. No streaming videos such as YouTube, Netflix or any other similar activities are permitted. This basic Internet service is offered “as is” without support or help from our clinical staff, who are not trained to respond to technical support questions. Some volunteers might be able to help you establish an Internet connection for your device if you are experiencing any technical difficulties.


Interpreters are available if you or your family are unable to speak French or English, or if your understanding of these languages is limited. An interpreter may be requested on the patient’s behalf by healthcare staff.

Patient and Family Services

The Larry and Cookie Rossy Promenade

The Larry and Cookie Rossy Promenade runs all along the colour windowed entrance of the Glen site and connects the Royal Victoria Hospital entrance with the Montreal Children’s Hospital entrance. Filled with natural light, this spacious area serves as the location of our adult and pediatric Admitting Office (C RC.0046), the McConnell Resource Centre (B RC.0078), as well as the Information and Parking offices

The McConnell Resource Centre

The McConnell Resource Centre, located at the heart of the Larry and Cookie Rossy Promenade on the main floor of the Glen Site, is a shared space with two sections: a Patient Resource Centre and a Medical Library for personnel of the MUHC.

The Patient Resource Centre has a growing collection of books and pamphlets for adult patients and their loved ones and offers access to computers, printers, a photocopier, a scanner, a fax and WiFi.

A librarian is also available on-site to guide you to reliable resources that can answer your questions about:

  • medical conditions and diseases
  • tests and procedures
  • caregiving
  • support groups
  • government and community resources
  • and much more!

Contact the Patient Resource Centre:
Room B RC.0078
(514) 934-1934, extension 22054
crp-prc [at] muhc [dot] mcgill [dot] ca

Montreal Children's Hospital Family Resource Centre

The Montreal Children’s Hospital has its own Family Resource Centre, located on the main floor in Block A

Room A RC.1107
514 412-4400, x 22383
bibliofam [at] muhc [dot] mcgill [dot] ca 

Cedars CanSupport Learning Resource Centre

To help ease the anxiety and uncertainty many new cancer patients and their loved ones experience, the Cedars Cancer Centre features a resource centre (D RC.1329) offering a wide selection of education materials, such as pamphlets, books, DVDs and access to the Internet. Full-time staff is on hand to help patients and their families find the information they need, including details about support groups, information sessions, as well as referrals for wigs, prosthetics and other necessary items.

Contact the CanSupport Learning Centre:

Room D RC. 1329
514-934-1934, x 34990
cedarscansupport [at] muhc [dot] mcgill [dot] ca

Healing gardens

The Glen site is entirely landscaped, with green space making up one third of the 43-acre site. On the North side, you will encounter a large plaza adorned with art installations, walking paths, gardens, and seating areas. The Cedars Cancer Centre has its own healing garden on the East side and The Montreal Children’s Hospital comes with a playground on the South side.

The Glen site gardens help create a healing environment. They act as an oasis for patients, families, personnel and members of the community to enjoy fresh air and find tranquility.

Public art

The Glen site is home to a prestigious collection of public art intended to comfort, encourage and inspire you, your family, and our healthcare professionals, as well as showcase the outstanding talents of Quebec artists. Eleven large-scale works made by renowned local artists are on display throughout the hospital, as well as our 1,600 item collection being relocated from MUHC legacy hospitals.

The Prayer and Meditation Room

The Prayer and Meditation Room, for people of all faiths, is located at C 02.1178 and is open 24 hours per day.

Patient self-help groups

The following self-help groups may interest you:


Cedars CanSupport provides cancer patients and their families with emotional, educational, practical and financial support and resources to encourage a sense of well-being, such as:

  • Support groups (including coping skills, post treatment, family support, and a young adult program) 
  • Educational services (public lectures on a variety of topics throughout the year, workshops like Brain Fog and Look Good Feel Better, and access to the Cedars CanSupport Learning Resource Centre) 
  • Complementary therapies (music, art and drama therapy, reiki, massage and yoga) 
  • Practical services (such as reduced parking passes and free wigs, hat and turbans) 

For further information, please call 514 843-1666 or visit

Renal Patient Support Program

This program is intended for renal patients and their families, and is supported by DialyTran, the MUHC’s Dialysis and Organ Transplant Fund. For further information, call local 35209 or visit

My Tool Box

This 6-week program is intended for individuals living with chronic disease and their loved ones. It is designed to teach people the skills they need to live well with chronic health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, asthma, arthritis, cancer, MS, muscular dystrophy, stroke, hypertension and chronic pain. For further information, call local 71585 or visit

Ombudsman/Complaints Commissioners

The MUHC has four Ombudsmen/Complaints Commissioners to assist patients, their families and legal representatives in helping them to resolve complaints. The Ombudsmen/Complaints Commissioners are available to help you if you have questions about your rights as an MUHC user or if you need advice to help resolve any perceived conflicts. The Ombudsman/Complaints Commissioners can be reached by telephone (local 35655 or 48306). The patient complaint system is governed by Quebec legislation, and is outlined in a brochure available on all sites of the MUHC.

Patient’s rights and responsibilities

All patients of the MUHC have specific rights, within the limits of Quebec legislation, concerning their expectations to quality of care and treatment. Your rights and corresponding responsibilities are more fully explained in the MUHC Code of Ethics.

Mandate, Advance Directive or a Living Will

If you have:

  • previously prepared a mandate given in the case of Inaptitude for matters relating to personal health that names the person with whom you wish professionals of the MUHC to communicate for decisions on your behalf, 
  • or, if you have prepared documents that communicate your advance directives, or a living will

please advise, or have your legal representative advise, any professional member of your MUHC treating team as soon as possible.

At the time that you write a mandate, advance directive or living will, it is a good idea to tell your designated legal representative, a member of your family or a close friend of your desired intentions and to provide this person with a copy of the necessary documents.

Patients’ Committee

  • The Patients’ Committee has a legal mandate to monitor the quality of life for the users of the hospital, to assess their level of satisfaction, and to assist and accompany them as necessary in the defense of their rights. 
  • Members of the Patients’ Committee actively participate in the MUHC community by serving on key hospital committees and in advising hospital staff and administrators of the patient’s perspective, thereby ensuring that patients’ concerns are heard and their interests are preserved. The Committee supports and promotes patient partnership initiatives in its belief that patients have the right to be involved in making decisions at every level of their care. 
  • The Committee also provides patients with information relating to their rights and responsibilities and, as needed, will assist patients in filing a complaint.
  • The Patients’ Committee is represented on the MUHC Board of Directors. 

To reach a member of the Patients’ Committee, call local 31968 and leave a message. A member of the committee will respond to your call.

Volunteer services 

Volunteers work mostly at the patient’s side in specialized programs. Some of these programs include CanSupport, cuddles, dialysis/transplant, friendly visits, humour, information, music and food/sundries carts. Patients, their families and friends can expect a visit from well-trained and supervised volunteers from all walks of life and all age groups. If you are interested in volunteering, call local 34300.