Safety and Security

Leaving your Room

If you wish to temporarily leave your room, please inform your nurse or somebody at the nursing station. It is important for the nursing staff to know where you are at all times.

Procedures to follow, in the event of a fire or a fire alarm

  • If you discover a fire/smoke or a burning smell, immediately report it to your nurse or someone at the care station.
  • If you hear the fire bells ringing, follow the instructions of the hospital staff. For the safety of patients and staff, fire drills are held regularly. If a fire drill occurs during your stay, please follow the instructions given by your nurse.

Using mobile phones in the hospital 

Mobile phones are now permitted in all MUHC locations, but please respect the following rules:

  • You may use your cellular phone (or other wireless device) as long as you stay a minimum distance of one metre from biomedical equipment; please respect signage 
  • Please turn down the volume of the ringtone or set mobile phones to vibrate 
  • Be sure to talk quietly and respectfully 
  • Keep phone calls as brief as possible 
  • Do not use the camera function without permission


The MUHC strongly supports the Anti-Tobacco Act.

Smoking is not permitted in the hospital. Furthermore, it is forbidden to smoke outside, on the MUHC grounds. Be advised that inspectors from the Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services will visit each of the MUHC sites to ensure compliance with non-smoking areas and other regulations under the Tobacco Act. These agents will issue fines under the Act (L.R.Q., c. T-0.01), which will be paid to the Ministry of Health and Social Services, not to the MUHC. If you would like help to quit smoking we invite you to visit the website: (Support & services > Services by type > Smoking cessation)


You must report all accidents or falls to a staff member. 

Personnel identification 

For security reasons, all MUHC personnel must wear his/her MUHC ID card at all times. ID cards allow for patients, parents, visitors and suppliers to identify MUHC staff.

Lost and Found 

Hospital Security (local 78282) operates a Lost and Found service. Should you lose any of your personal property, please let your nurse know and he or she will contact the Lost and Found service for you. Should you believe that any of your personal items have been stolen, please report the theft immediately to your nurse