Parking at the hospital

Parking rates at the Glen SiteThere are TWO parking lots available to hospital visitors:

1. Underground Parking Lot

0 - 30 minFREE
31 - 60 min$12
61 - 90 min$16
91 - 240 min$22
241 - 1440 min (24 h)$24

Accessible via Decarie Blvd., the main parking lot is located below the main plaza at the Glen site and includes 38 handicapped spaces.

To access the underground parking lot, follow the roadway that passes directly in front of the hospital entrances until you reach the STOP sign at the end of this road. Turn left, then immediately turn left again and follow the ramp down to the underground parking lot. Display boards provide up-to-the-minute information on the number of available parking spaces on each parking level (P1-P4).

Passes can be purchased at the Parking Customer Service desks listed below. Weekly Passes can also be purchased at the Glen site from one of the blue parking payment machines.

2. Express Parking Lots

0 - 30 minFREE
31 - 60 min$15
61 - 90 min$20
91 - 240 min$25
241 - 1440 min (24 h)$30

There are two Express Parking lots that are meant for quick visits to the hospital.

One is located directly across from the main entrance to the hospital. The second is located past the Cedars Cancer Centre at the entrance to the Research Institute. Payment can be made by credit card at the exit of the lot or at any one of the blue payment kiosks.





Unlimited entry and exit at the hospital where the pass was purchased
LONG-TERM PASS30 DAYS $70 Certain conditions apply
FLEXI-PASS7 VISITS $100 1 entry 1 exit per visit
No expiry date

Drop off zones

Visitors may also drop off/pick up at the hospital main entrances or at the Emergency Department (for patients coming to the ED). Vehicles must then either park in the parking lot or leave the premises. All entrances, exits and roads must be free of vehicles for safety and security reasons. The City of Montreal is permitted to issue parking tickets for vehicles illegally parked on the Glen site grounds.

Emergency Department parking

If you are visiting the Emergency Department (ED), take the dedicated ramp that leads you directly to the front doors of the ED.

  • Turn into the Glen site from Decarie Blvd. and follow the roadway to the front entrances of the hospital.
  • Veer left at the red “URGENCE/EMERGENCY” sign and follow the circular driveway down to the underground parking lot. There are dedicated drop-off spaces for ED drop-off. Once the drop off is done, follow the signs to park in the general underground lot.
Electric car

The MUHC is proud to offer electric car parking spaces at the Glen site

  • P1 (facing pediatric emergency entrance) = 7 spaces
  • P2 (Sector 100) = 9 spaces
  • P3A (near the Shriner’s entrance via underground parking) = 9 spaces
 Automated payment machines

Cash or by credit card Visa or MasterCard
Automated payment machines on each P level

 Debit card or credit card

By debit card or credit card
Customer service Parking office on RC level

 Barrier gate

By Credit card Visa or MasterCard
Barrier gate at exit (hourly parking only)


Royal Victoria Hospital Main Entrance
D RC.1000 514-934-1934, 32330

Montreal Children's Hospital Main Entrance
A RC. 1000 514 412-4400, 23427


Monday to Friday
7 a.m. to 12 p.m. - 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.