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Magnetic Resonance Imaging

maladie du foie

Maternal-Fetal Medicine

Pregnant mothers may use rheumatoid arthritis drugs without increased health risks to unborn baby


An infectious disease specialist at The Montreal Children’s Hospital offers advice to parents

Medical cannabis

Canadian researchers pinpoint the mechanism of cannabidiol for safe pain relief without side effects
MUHC researcher heads one of the largest studies ever conducted on medical cannabis
The effectiveness and safety of medical marijuana to treat symptoms of rheumatic conditions is not supported by medical evidence

Medical Devices

Medical Imaging

Initiative funded by NSERC’s CREATE program seeks to bolster innovation in the development of technologies used for diagnosis and treatment of disease

Medical Research



MUHC-led study identifies new player in brain function and memory
The brain is plastic - adapting to the hundreds of experiences in our daily lives by reorganizing pathways and making new connections between nerve cells.
Guidance proteins regulate brain plasticity
Study suggests erasing neuronal memories may help control persistent pain
The prize recognizes female scientists who have made exceptional contributions