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Gender Identity

Genetic Testing

It is estimated that this year in Canada, 2,600 women will be newly diagnosed with this disease
Canadian-led research team identifies two mutations in crucial gene involved in deadly pediatric
Newly published research explores the role of 14-3-3σ in tumour suppression
Gene expression signature identified that can accurately assess which patients are at risk of relapse


By solving one patient’s case, doctors develop a molecular therapy that could help many
Pour une greffe d’organe, comme dans la vie, l’essentiel, c’est de trouver la bonne personne.
Montreal researchers discover a new crucial gene associated with these orphan diseases
This discovery could have future implications in preventing the development of breast cancer in some families
Patient analysis through online pre-test genetic learning tool means faster response times for genetic testing at Montreal General Hospital
Microglia are the immune cells of the nervous system, ingesting and destroying pathogens and damaged nerve cells.
International study with researchers at The Neuro reveals links with other neurodegenerative diseases
Montreal-based researchers discover genetics secrets of ovarian cancer tumours
Genes predict the brain's reaction to smoking