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Gender Identity

Genetic Testing

It is estimated that this year in Canada, 2,600 women will be newly diagnosed with this disease


By solving one patient’s case, doctors develop a molecular therapy that could help many
Pour une greffe d’organe, comme dans la vie, l’essentiel, c’est de trouver la bonne personne.
Montreal researchers discover a new crucial gene associated with these orphan diseases
This discovery could have future implications in preventing the development of breast cancer in some families


Geriatric Medicine

Gestational Diabetes

A team from the RI-MUHC has demonstrated that gestational diabetes signals future diabetes risk not only in mothers, but also in fathers


RI-MUHC team awarded close to $1.5 million to develop a glutamate biosensor platform for brain diseases


New RI-MUHC clinical study shows promising survival rates for patients with glioblastomas while reducing burden on health resources