Hebert-Blouin, Marie-Noelle MD


  • APPT: Appointment
  • CLI: Clinic
  • LACH: Lachine Hospital
  • MCH: Montreal Children's Hospital
  • MCI: Montreal Chest Institute
  • MGH: Montreal General Hospital
  • MNH: Montreal Neurological Institute
  • RVH: Royal Victoria Hospital
  • Glen: Glen Site
Please note that the main MUHC telephone number is (514) 934-1934.
**IMPORTANT: Callers must dial 1 prior to the 5 digit extension when calling from outside the MUHC.
Neurosurgery Adult514-398-5146109 Montreal Neurological Hospital
Anesthesia Adult (Ther. Allied Health Serv. Adult Sites)514-398-5976163A Montreal Neurological Hospital