Cancer Survivorship Program

Dr. Genevieve Chaput, survivorship doctor

“Cancer is hard not ‘just’ at the diagnosis and at treatment time, but for life…

The MUHC’s Cancer Survivorship Program aims to improve the care that cancer patients receive after the end of active treatment.

Thanks to early detection and better cancer treatment, there are over 800,000 cancer survivors in Canada. The good news is that survivors have a better five-year survival rate for all cancers than they did 10 years ago. However, survivors are at an increased risk of recurrence and nearly 50% experience long and late-term side effects after their active treatment is over.

Gilda Lebron, survivorship nurse

That is where the program comes in.

The MUHC Cancer Survivorship program provides: 

  • Clinical Care (pilot clinic for breast cancer survivors)
  • Healthcare Professional Training
  • Patient, family and community education
  • Research