2015 Transformations

MUHC Redevelopment Project

3 MUHC hospitals moved to the Glen site
4 years of construction
273 patients safely transferred
12,000       staff and volunteers involved in planning, training, and transferring to the new site
$2.355 billion invested in the project

The MUHC Redevelopment Project, or “New MUHC", started as a mere idea over 20 years ago. The idea turned into a vision to build a centralized, modern healthcare facility where we could provide the people of Montreal and Quebec with quality care across the age spectrum.

In 2008, the Quebec government gave life to this vision by committing $2.355 billion to the New MUHC, spurring the launch of construction in the former Glen rail yards of the eventual home to the Royal Victoria Hospital, the Montreal Children’s Hospital and the Montreal Chest Institute, as well as the new Cedars Cancer Centre and Research Institute of the MUHC. This redevelopment also included renovations to the Montreal General Hospital and an additional $63 million to expand and modernize Lachine Hospital.

With the final construction at the Glen site completed in November 2014, followed by the largest hospital move in Canadian history taking place soon thereafter, the MUHC finally achieved its overarching goal in June of 2015: to regroup our services in cutting-edge facilities while redefining our patient-centered care practices in order to meet the present and future needs of health care.

Looking forward, the New MUHC has built one of the most innovative academic health centres in North America, complete with a world-renown research facility, $255 M invested in new equipment and 100% single-patient rooms in order to better serve our patients.

This achievement is something we are proud of.

Where did your clinic move to?

To find out where your clinic moved to, click on the hospital where you previously received care. NOTE: No clinics or services from Lachine Hospital, the Montreal Neurological Hospital or the Allan Memorial Institute are moving. Only some services from the Montreal General Hospital moved - otherwise, the facility remains open for care. Click here for a complete list of services and MUHC hospitals.





2015 patient transfers to the Glen site: 


Royal Victoria Hospital
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Montreal Children’s Hospital
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Montreal Chest Institute
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Montreal General
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