MGH Clinics which have moved

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Montreal General Hospital Clinics which have moved

Name of Clinic 

Current location

New Hospital




E7 116

Glen site

Surgical Clinics - South

D S1.2833

Neuro-OphthalmologyL4 4005252 de Maisonneuve  
Oncology Day CentreB7 119Glen siteCedars Cancer CentreD 02.9005
Ophthalmic PathologyL4 4215252 de Maisonneuve  
OphthalmologyL4 4005252 de Maisonneuve  
OtorhinolaryngologyA2 141Glen siteSurgical Clinics - SouthD S1.3310
Palliative Care HospitalE17 173Glen siteCedars Cancer CentreD 01.1438 
Radiation OncologyD5 412Glen siteCedars Cancer CentreD S1.1620
Travel VaccinesL10 509Glen siteChronic Viral Illness ServiceD2.4110 
Tropical MedicineL10 509Glen siteMedical ClinicsD2.3312
UrologyL8 311Glen siteSurgical Clinics - SouthD S1.2833
Uvetis ClinicL4 4005252 de Maisonneuve  
Vaccination ClinicL10 509Glen siteChronic Viral Illness ServiceD2.4110
Visual FieldsL4 2115252 de Maisonneuve  


The following clinics at the Montreal General Hospital are partially relocating some of their doctors to the Glen site but will continue to provide care at their current location. Patients will be informed in advance of the location of their next appointment

Name of Clinic 

Current location

New Hospital





Glen siteMedical ClinicsD 02.3312
EndocrinologyC6 129Glen siteMedical ClinicsD 02.3312

B7 119 

Glen siteCedars Cancer CentreD 01.1438
Infectious Diseases A5 156Glen siteChronic Viral Illness ServiceD2.4110


C6 276Glen siteMedical ClinicsD 02.3312
PacemakerE5 166Glen siteNon-invasive CardiologyC 01.3418