Close up on your Glen

Curious to learn more about the Glen site?

Want to know more about the Glen site? Close-up on our Glen site gives you an insider’s look at our new state-of-the-art facility where exceptional healthcare environments, workplaces and research spaces have been created.

  1. A general information brochure showcases the vision of the future of the MUHC, its organization of activities, the Glen's broad accessibility and its unique design.

  2. Detailed pamphlets present each unit and department, and their respective spaces at the Glen site. These mini-brochures include information on a department's location, layout, design principles and traffic flow.

  3. Entertaining videos starring our very own professionals, who give you an intimate view into the Glen site and make the plans for each floor come to life. 

These attractive and user-friendly tools were designed especially for you! It is a great way to share information and get the conversation started about our new Glen site. 


General Information  Montreal Children’s Hospital Adult Care
Introduction Diagnostic Services at the MCH Montreal Chest Institute
A Word from our Leadership MCH Emergency Department Research Institute
A Word from our Patients Perioperative Services at the MCH Women’s Health
Pharmacy Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Adult Ambulatory Services
Logistical & General Support Services Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) Medical Inpatient Units
Clinical Labs MCH Inpatient Units Adult Diagnostic Services
  BDB & Allied Health Services at the MCH Adult Emergency Department

 Psychiatry at the MCH Pathology

 Ambulatory Care Services at the MCH Adult Perioperative Services

 MCH Day Hospital Intensive Care Unit
  Immunocompromised Care Unit & Oncology Day Hospital at the MCH Surgical Inpatient Units
    Adult Allied Health Services
    Adult Ambulatory Care Services
    Breast Centre
    Cancer Centre