The hospital address:
The Royal Victoria Hospital
687 Pine Avenue West
Montreal, Quebec H3A 1A1

The Royal Victoria Hospital (RVH), which includes the Allan Memorial Institute (AMI), offers general medical care as well as a wide range of highly specialized services and innovative care. It is a leader in basic and clinical research. Recognized as Quebec’s major transplant centre, the Royal Victoria Hospital performed the first kidney transplant in Canada in 1958 and has acquired international recognition for its expertise in this field ever since. Other important successes include the development of a treatment for Parkinson’s Disease and the establishment of the first palliative care unit in Canada.




Patient Information Guide

Getting to the Hospital

The Main Entrance of the hospital is at 687 Pine Avenue West, just west of University Street. Cars or taxis may drive up to the main entrance and drop off passengers. Click to see the RVH Hospital Map. Click to see the Google map of the RVH area. Click to see the RVH Parking Map.

Handicap Access
Parking spaces are reserved for people with a handicap permit on their cars. These can be found at the main entrance (P1), Ross Pavilion entrance (P3), and the Women’s Pavilion entrance (P6). A valet service is offered for those areas that do not reserve spaces for people with handicap stickers on their cars. Valet service is available at P1, P6, P7, and P8.

Directions to the hospital

The nearest metro station is McGill on the green line, which is located at the corner of University Street and de Maisonneuve Boulevard. It will take you approximately 20 minutes to walk from the McGill Metro station to the main entrance of the hospital.

There are four bus stops within walking distance: Bus 144 stops at Pine Avenue and University Street Bus 535 stops at Park Avenue and Prince Arthur Street Bus 107 stops at Pine Avenue and Docteur Penfield Bus 24 stops at Sherbrooke Street and University Street For more information on public transportation call (514) 288-6287, or dial AUTOBUS.

Visitors’ parking lots are accessible through the entrances P1, P3 and P4 along Pine Avenue and P8 at the top of University Street for Emergency Department visitors only. Reserved areas and signage must be respected at all times. The City of Montreal is permitted to issue parking tickets for vehicules illegally parked on Royal Victoria Hospital grounds. Click to see the RVH Parking Map.

Your Hospital Visit

Getting a Hospital Card

Upon arrival, you should register with the Admissions Office, A1.25, and have a blue hospital card made, if you don't already have one. You should also bring your valid Medicare card.

What to Bring

Please bring all medications that you are taking. This will ensure that the admitting physician or nurse can verify the exact medication and dose that you have been prescribed.

Although the hospital provides hospital gowns, you may feel more comfortable in your own pyjamas/ clothing, housecoat, and slippers/shoes. You should bring a toothbrush, toothpaste, tissues, shaving items, soap, skin lotion, sanitary supplies and other personal-care articles. Since storage is limited, you are asked not to bring large suitcases.


At the time of admission, you will be asked to sign a general consent form for treatment and tests. For patients who are mentally incapacitated, the curator, spouse, tutor or close relative may sign the consent form. For further information, contact the Ombudsman/ Complaints Commissioner at extension 35655 or the Social Service Department at extension 31569.

At the same time, you will be asked whether or not you agree to release medical information to your insurance company and/or to referring doctors, hospitals or clinics. You may choose not to release information outside the hospital.


Food Services

Nutrition plays an important role in overall health, treatment and recovery. A professional team of nutritionists/clinical dieticians is available to manage your nutrition care throughout your hospital stay. If you have other questions you can call the Department of Clinical Nutrition, extension 31576.


The cafeteria is located on the third floor of the Surgical Pavilion and sells meals and snacks. It is open to patients and visitors during the following hours:

  • 6:45 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., Monday to Friday
  • 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., Saturdays, Sundays and most statutory holidays

Vending machines are also available on S4, S6 and S7, near the Surgical Pavilion elevator lobby; Instabank machine on S3; on the first floor of the Allan Memorial Institute; and in the Emergency Department, fourth floor, Centennial Pavilion.


Visiting Hours

During your stay you may welcome the help of family members or close friends. Visiting hours throughout the hospital are flexible, depending on the needs of patients and their family and friends. There may be times, however, when your friends or relatives will be asked to wait before seeing you. This is usually because tests, procedures or medical interviews are taking place. In general, children are welcome to visit but it may be helpful to discuss this and other special visiting arrangements with your nurse or the head nurse of the unit.

At times, the nursing staff may limit visiting in the best interest of the patients.

Information about Patients

Your family or friends may call your unit any time (day or night) for information about you. To get the phone number of the unit, call 31559. For security and confidentiality reasons, information can be relayed only to those whom you, the patient, have authorized to receive information. Please choose a representative who will pass information on to other members of the family.

Royal Victoria Hospital


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