Rima Rozen, PhD

Research Focus: 

Research is focused on the investigation of common genetic variants that increase risk for birth defects, vascular disease and cancer. These variants are involved in the metabolism of folic acid, an important vitamin which is required for prevention of the afore-mentioned disorders. The laboratory uses cell and molecular approaches, animal models and clinical research to understand the mechanisms by which genetic factors and nutrition influence these complex traits and to explore new avenues of intervention and treatment.

Human genetics, metabolic diseases, cancer, folic acid, homocysteine
Montreal Children's Hospital
Christensen K, Rohlicek C, Andelfinger G, Michaud J, Bigras J-L, Richter A, Mackenzie R and Rozen R. The MTHFD1 p.Arg653Gin variant alters enzyme function and increases risk for congenital heart defects. Hum Mutat 30:212-220, 2009.
Garcia-Crespo D, Knock E, Jabado N and Rozen R. Intestinal neoplasia induced by low dietary folate is associated with altered tumor expression profiles and decreased apoptosis in mouse. J Nutr 139:488-494, 2009.
Pickell L, Brown K, Li D, Wang X, Deng L, Wu Q, Selhub J, Lui L, Jerome-Majewska L and Rozen R. High intake of folic acid disrupts embryonic development in mice. Birth Defects Research Part A: Clin Molec Teratol, 91:8-19, 2011.

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