Ronald B. Postuma, MD

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Research is focused on Parkinson's disease. There are several research arms. The first relates to the connection between sleep disorders and Parkinson's disease, specifically looking at whether sleep disorders can predict either the risk of developing Parkinson's disease, or the prognosis of Parkinson's disease. Other areas include the effect of levodopa on homocysteine levels in the blood, sources of variation in severity of Parkinson's disease, and risk factors for Parkinson's disease (especially surrounding birth).

Parkinson's disease, REM sleep behavior disorder, homocysteine
Montreal General Hospital
Postuma RB, Arenovich T, Lang AE. Does Severity of Parkinson’s Disease Vary According to Season? Movement Disorders 2005; 20:476-479
Postuma RB, Lang AE, Homocysteine and Levodopa -- Should Parkinson's disease patients receive preventative therapy? Neurology 2004; 63: 886-891.
Postuma RB, Lang AE, Hemiballism - Revisiting a Classic condition. Lancet Neurology 2003; 2: 661-668.

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