Judith Ritchie, RN, PhD

Primary Axis: 
Health Outcomes
Research Focus: 

Research focuses on ways to improve patient outcomes by changing nursing practice, work organization and nurses’ work environments by studying the effect of efforts to implement evidence-based guidelines, approaches to care organization, involving patients in re-design of care, and ways of sustaining practice changes so as to make care safer for patients.

Knowledge translation, evidence-based practice, research utilization, patient safety, nursing practice, nursing context, patient- and family-centred care
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Stetler, CS, Ritchie, JA, Rycroft-Malone, J, Schultz, A, & Charns, M. Institutionalizing evidence-based practice: An organizational case study using a model of strategic change. Implementation Science, 4, 78; 2009

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This award recognizes the critical role of leadership in successfully implementing evidence-informed innovations in healthcare

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