Janet E. Rennick, RN, MScN, PhD

Primary Axis: 
Health Outcomes
Research Focus: 

My research focuses on (1) the impact of severe life-threatening illness and exposure to highly invasive, technological care on the child and family; and (2) innovations in care to enhance child comfort and parent involvement during pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) hospitalization, and promote healthy recovery following critical illness. Current research includes: 1) Development of child self-report measures of psychological distress for use following PICU hospitalization; 2) Exploring children’s and parents’ psychological outcomes following critical illness; 3) Identifying predictors of child and parent outcome post-critical illness; 4) Pilot testing a PICU-based comfort intervention aimed at enhancing child comfort and sleep, decreasing anxiety, and preventing psychological sequelae post-discharge.

Pediatric critical care, pediatric intensive care, psychological outcomes, measurement, invasive procedures, pain, comfort, nursing interventions
Montreal Children's Hospital
Rennick, J.E., Rashotte, J. (2009). Psychological outcomes in children following pediatric intensive care unit hospitalization: A systematic review of the research. Journal of Child Health Care, 13(2): 128-149. Online version: http://chc.sagepub.com/cgi/content/abstract/13/2/128
Rennick, J.E., McHarg, L.F., Dell’Api, M., Johnston, C.C., Stevens, B. (2008). Developing the children’s critical illness impact scale: Capturing stories from children, parents and staff. Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, 9(3), May: 252-260. (See also Editorial comment, pp.336-337)
Johnston, C.C. Gagnon, A., Rennick, J.E., Rosmus, C., Patenaude, H., Ellis, J., Shapiro, C., Filion, F., Ritchie. J., Byron, J. (2007). One-to-One Coaching to Improve Pain Assessment and Management Practices of Paediatric Nurses. Journal of Paediatric Nursing, 22(6), Dec: 467-478

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