Jacques Genest, MD FRCPC

Research Focus: 

Our research focuses on the metabolic and genetic disorders associated with premature coronary artery disease. We are specifically interested in lipoprotein disorders and the genetic basis of dyslipidemias. We examine how high density lipoproteins (HDL or the “protective” lipoproteins) are formed in the body, using biochemical techniques, cell-based assays and animal models. This knowledge is translated in the clinical realm in a specialized lipid clinic at the MUHC. In a second project, we examine families with HDL deficiency and attempt to identify novel genes related to HDL. To do this, we use conventional genetic techniques performed on large kindred and novel techniques such as resequencing of chromosomal regions and exome sequencing in informative kindred. To date, we have contributed to the identification of several genes involved in HDL metabolism, including the ABCA1, SMPD1, PSCK5 and WWOX genes. The laboratory is supported by a strong clinical cardiology Division and specialized clinics.

Cholesterol, lipoproteins, HDL, cardiovascular risk factors, cardiovascular genetics, ABCA1, cellular cholesterol efflux, Familial hypercholesterolemia.
Royal Victoria Hospital
Bailey D, Ruel I, Cochrane H, Hafiane A, Jauhiainen M, Ehnholm C, Krimbou L, Genest J. Analysis of Lipid Transfer Activity between Model Nascent HDL Particles and Plasma Lipoproteins: Implications for Current Concepts of Nascent HDL Maturation and Genesis J Lip Res Apr; 51(4): 785-797, 2010.
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